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What Does It Really Take To Lose Weight?

What happens when an overweight Master Certified Weight Loss Coach takes everything she's learned and actually applies it for a full year. My Tales From The Scale documents the 52-week journey. 

Why did I create My Tales From The Scale

For women who struggle with with weight loss, the biggest difference I can make is to share my ongoing, day-to-day, weight loss process. 

Women need to know they’re not alone and that there is a way for them to create their natural weight. 


Here's how My Tales From The Scale is different:

  • I peel back the curtain of my own weight loss journey.  
  • I will show you why it’s not about the food, but rather it all starts with your vibe, your energy, and what’s going on inside your mind.  
  • I’ll show you how my decision-making process works on a day-to-day basis.  
  • Most importantly, I share my mindset and the way I manage my energetic vibration so you can receive high-level inspiration and Guidance.  
  • I’ll show you how I raise my vibration in real-time so you can, too  
  • You'll learn how I manage my negative thinking in order to slowly and incrementally raise my vibration – every day.  
  • This won’t be a lecture about some far off, long ago weight loss journey. I’m sharing my own, current real story as it’s happening on a week-by-week basis for one full year.  

This is the most valuable offer I can make to you. 


It’s not more information for you to learn and then not implement. 

I tell you my stories so they can seep in, and you can begin to integrate them and benefit from them in your life

Here's everything you get...

Authentic Stories

Follow my real-time journey. I intend to lose 54.2 pounds in one year. 

I capture the true disappointment, enthusiasm, impatience, frustration, pride, and all of the other "feels" that come with weight loss.

Knowing You're Normal

Hey, you're imperfect. You have the urge to overeat. Sometimes you beat yourself up. Sometimes you want to quit. Me, too. Watch each episode and feel the relief of knowing you're not the only one who feels that way.

Mind Management

I will share how I cope with and manage all the mental noise that gets in the way of peaceful weight loss so you can manage your mind, too.

As I share my mental process, I won't just show you the happy thoughts. I'll show you the negative ones, too -- since they're the ones that get in the way of reaching our goals.

Holidays & Special Occasions

Learn how I approach holidays, special occasions, and other events that interrupt my routine -- because, dang, isn't life filled with them?

Be a Fly on The Wall

Get an inside scoop on my weekly weight loss process. 

See how I decide what to eat, when to eat, and why to eat as I face everything that one full year of life presents me with.

Higher Power

I believe Source Energy (or whatever name you use for it) is always co-creating with us. I'll share how I incorporate the signals from Infinite Intelligence in my own weight loss journey. (I wouldn't want to do it alone!)

Video Journal

At least 3 video episodes each week, detailing the ups and downs of my weight loss process.

Pivate Portal 

You'll access all 52 weeks of My Tales From The Scale in my simple and elegant private course hub. You'll easily be able to see which episodes you've viewed and those you haven't.

Audios & Transcripts 

Would you rather listen or read each episode? 

I've got you covered. 

Each episode comes with an audio version and a PDF transcript attached.

Law of Attraction

I approach life through the lens of frequency and vibration. Words and actions are not as important as the energy behind the words and action. I share how I deliberately work with Law of Attraction and use "how I feel" as my Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s the deal with Vibration & Frequency? 

In this Universe, like vibration attracts like vibration.  

When you feel badly emotionally, notice the quality of the inspiration you have. Your vibration is attracting thoughts that match your lower energetic frequency. That might look like: 

  • "I think I’ll grab a tub of ice cream and binge watch Modern Family re-runs" or… 
  • "I think I’ll stop by McDonald’s and get a burger, fries and a shake instead of going home and cooking dinner."  

However, as you raise your vibe (which is greatly assisted by mind management), you get access to higher-frequency inspiration such as:

  • "I’m going to use those Pilates credits I have." 
  • "I’d rather make it home to cook dinner." 
  • "Maybe I’ll start with a walk around the block."
  • "Hey, wait! I just had dinner an hour ago, and I’m still a little full. I think I’ll pass on the ice cream."

Vibration, baby! It’s the name of the game. 

Raise your frequency, and everything gets so much easier. 

Serendipity is more frequent. Happy coincidences occur. High-quality Inspiration keeps coming. Ease-filled, calm and peaceful action are your companions. 

Sound mysterious? 

I don’t want it to be a mystery for you. 

This is how I approach not just weight loss, but life as a whole.

Join me. Watch how I do it. Take what resonates for you and integrate it. One video at a time.  

I just want to lose weight. Why is Mind Management so important? 

It’s never about how much we weigh. 

The number on the scale doesn’t make you feel anything. It has no power. 

What’s powerful is what you think about that number. Thoughts like:  

  • "That’s disgusting."
  • "This is so embarrassing."
  • "I’m a loser." 
  • "It will never happen for me." 
  • "I failed again!"
  • "I’m out of control."  

Those thoughts lead to futility, frustration and despair. 

And if there’s a bag of mini-Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups anywhere nearby when we’re feeling futile,...watch out!!! 

Why don't you offer a refund? 

You're going to get access to my authentic, real life, weight loss journey. It's personal.

This is a stellar offering at a stellar price.

Decide whether you're "in" and want to be a part of the journey. 

Then, go for it.

"Very Early Adopter" Access ends when the 10 spaces are gone or 11:59pm on Friday, 8/18 -- whichever comes first! 



Get started for $52.